Bodrum is a stunning resort destination famous with gorgeous bays with crystal-clear water, lively night life, gullet cruises and fish restaurants.

Bodrum has a typical mediterranean architecture, bright white “sugar-cube” houses, narrow streets with a bohemian atmosphere.

Bodrum enjoys several daily flights to and from Istanbul operated by different airlines and the airport is 33 km north of the city, located on the way to Milas. During the summer season, there are many charter flights and direct flight to several European destinations (London and Munich).

Historical & Cultural Background
Bodrum, formerly Halicarnassus, an ancient Greek city where there was the mausoleum of the same name , one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Bodrum has become a tourist destination due to its natural beauty and history and geography which is in the midst of other historic sites such Ephesus, Pergamon, Miletus and so on.

Incentive Attractions
There are still plenty of things to do, like wandering the fascinating historical sites on the mainland, discovering the peninsula with open-top 4x4 Jeeps, or relaxing with Blue Voyage, a yacht cruise (gullet) along the Aegean shores.

Bodrum cuisine is well known with its traditional Mediterranean flavours. Vegetable dishes prepared with wild plants. Dishes cooked or prepared with olive oil is served cold and all they are only appetizers. Eating out in Bodrum offers countless possibilities. In addition to small restaurants you will also find many chic and fancy restaurants serving many different staff from different countries’ cuisine.

MICE Facilities
Being a popular resort town for jet-setters for many years, Bodrum is attracting international luxury hotel investments. Swissotel, Jumeirah, Marriott, Mandarin Oriental and Nikki’s Lifestyle Beach hotels are among the new properties opened in one year.