Cesme & Alacati

Cesme & Alacati

The resort towns Cesme & Alacati are ideal vacation spots, famous for their beach clubs, cutting-edge night life and great restaurants.

The resort town Cesme is approximately an hour drive away from İzmir’s center. Featuring popular beach clubs, a vivid nightlife, and great restaurants taking advantage of the rich local produce, Çeşme is an ideal vacation spot. Located on Çeşme peninsula, Alacati has attracted international attention with its historical stone houses, windmills, calm sea and windy air perfect for windsurfing.

Historical & Cultural Background
In the antique ages first the Cretans then the Ionians lived here. The Romans named the area Kysus and the port of Cesme was the final point in the road from the East, the Silk Road. Merchant ships would load up their silks, spices and other riches of the East and set sail to Italy from here.

Alacati, being prominent in the history of viniculture and winemaking, its most prosperous period was while the Greeks were living in the area and nowadays it still attracts attention as a coastal town not having lost its historical structure.

Incentive Attractions
There are various things to enhance your experience in Cesme and Alacati. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ephesus Ancient City, Charming Sirince Village, famous vineyards are among the highlights of the destinations. In addition to that Alacati appeals to travel enthusiasts with its annual Herb Festival, celebrate the special local tastes and traditional dishes of the region.

Cesme & Alacati are top gourmet destinations with a selection of local and fine restaurants for al fresco dining, tastes of both traditional Aegean cuisine as well as more modern dishes prepared with local herbs & produce. A nice variety of wineries and vineyards are available in the surrounding region.

MICE Facilities
In addition to many charming boutique hotels, Sheraton and Radisson Hotels are attracting many conference groups along the year with their large meeting facilities.